Moov Moov

About Us

MOOV, Inc is currently producing the MOOV Festival, at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, FL. We wanted to create something progressive and different that would reflect the fusion of world cultures through music. The MOOV Festival will be a professionally produced concert/festival event that reflects the musical and cultural diversity existing in Miami as well as throughout the world.

The festival is slated to be held on New Year’s Day, January 1st , 2014. The MOOV Festival will consist of three separate performance areas; Main (Pink), Second (Blue) and Third (Green) stages. All stages will be outdoors in the beautiful Bayfront Park, Miami, FL. The MOOV Pink stage will be programmed with an electronic pop music orientation including headlining Dj’s and Live Acts. Our MOOV Blue stage will cater to live performances and the MOOV Green stage will be present for up coming artists. Enclosed VIP access-only areas will be located throughout the festival grounds.  These secured areas will provide optimal vantage points for select guests. There will be multiple bars for our over 21 patrons and vendors with everything from food, to shirts and festival keepsakes.

The MOOV Festival will be reflected as a cultural, arts and music festival. We are also promoting focus to local and upcoming bands and artists by giving them the opportunity to open for headlining acts from across the globe. MOOV, Inc is committed to showcasing local homegrown talent in the arts, music and cultural arenas. The MOOV Music Festival will commence around 11am and will conclude at 11pm, allowing for a programmed event of approximately 12 hours.

On behalf of the MOOV staff,

Thank You and we hope to see you there.

Lance Joubert CEO/Executive Producer